Attestation – Employment Contract

According to the Act of Sri Lanka Bureau of Foreign employment, every employment contract should be registered with the Bureau of Sri Lanka Missions abroad.

1. Requirements & Instructions for Domestic Employees

  • Duly printed Employment Contract should be submitted to the Embassy of Sri Lanka along with a copy of the Employment Visa (English translation)
  • Copy of the valid Passport of the job seeker (Employee)
  • Copy of the Identity Card of Employer/Sponsor (Qatar Identity Card – QID)
  • Copy of QID and contact number of the person who sponsored to submit the said document to the Sri Lankan Embassy in the State of Qatar.
  • Minimum age limit for the Female domestic employee is 21 years.

    2. Requirements & Instructions for Non -Domestic Employees

    • Duly printed 2 copies of Employment Contract on Company Letterhead
    • Company Registration Copy
    • Computer Card Copy (Establishment Card)
    • Municipality Registration Copy (Baladiya )
    • Copy of the Employee Visa
    • Copy of the valid Passport of the Employee
    • Copy of the Sponsor QID(Qatar Identity Card – QID)

      3. Fees

      • Registration Fee QAR 220 /= for each Employment Contract.
      • Non-Refundable Deposit for domestic female employees  is QAR 5475/=

      As per the circular No. 08/2021 dated 29.12.2021 issued by Chairman/SLBFE , security deposit is applicable for the female domestic employees who are not recruited by a Recruitment Agency.