Welcome to the Embassy of Sri Lanka in Qatar

Sri Lankan Embassy in Qatar, is located at Building No. 21, Zone 47, Al Raheeb Road (Street No. 860 in Area No. 4).

Public attending to consular and Labour related services, would be provided with improved and better facilities in par with other Embassies in Qatar.

Extending the traditional hospitality, Embassy would offer free hot tea/coffee for the public in addition to provision of clean drinking water. Seating facilities would be upgraded to accommodate larger number of public who attends day to day consular and labour related functions.

Smoking, photography and use of mobile phones would be strictly prohibited within the new embassy premises. As usual Embassy gates would be open from 8.00 a.m. to 1.00 p.m. through Sunday to Thursday excluding public holidays.

Visitors are strongly advised /warned to refrain in bringing mobile phones to the embassy premises. Those who voluntarily hand over the mobile phones to the counters would be liable to take their own risks and no complains would be entertained by the embassy or any member of staff. New embassy premises is protected with CCTV cameras and the public are requested not to loitering within and outside the embassy premises for reasons of security.

Embassy staff

Mr. M. Mafaz Mohideen H.E. the Ambassador
Mr.Kashyapa Ukwatta Minister Counsellor
Mr. L.M.K. Muthukumarana Counsellor (Employment & Welfare)
Mr. A.C. Kodikara Third  Secretary  (Employment & Welfare)




Building 21,
Street 860 (Al Raheeb Street),
Zone 47 (Old Airport area),
​Doha, Qatar

Email Address: slemb.doha@mfa.gov.lk
Phone: +974 – 44998660 (During office hours)
FAX: (974) 4467 4788